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Christmas ideas and Decorating Fun!

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Christmas to me is the happiest time of the year. Everyone is decorating, getting ready for there own type of celebration. That's what's really cool, I love seeing the neighborhood come alive with all the beautiful lights. It is Awesome!

Christmas is special to me, it's a time for sharing and giving. A time following Thanksgiving when we always remember the wonderful things in life we're so thankful for.

"Christmas always brings out the child in me, If Disneyland was a holiday it would be Christmas"

Lets Decorate together!

Dooney is pretty comfy here on his little blanket, another good helper.


I have not been quick to post here, my goal was to show the decorating progress, welllll.... DISTRACTED -

Since starting this post we have done so many fun things! Christian and I have been Christmas shopping, I've been making so many #Messy Bun Beanies, and 3 Loafs of #Christmas Soap. Also we had the most wonderful time at Christian's Company Christmas party, where I met and re-met so many nice people.

"we finished decorating the tree"

Check this out - We framed some Christmas gift bags. Lots of glitter and sparkles.


"I really thinks this is a super fun and easy way to make beautiful Christmas pictures".

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