I love creating! Just an idea or vision into an object someone may love and enjoy for years. Maybe keep someone warm with a hat, scarf or shawl. Light up someones day with an amigurumi doll, or maybe even help with someones difficult skin using my organic soaps. I've come a long way with my handmade products yet I'm always learning and loving it more and more. One things for certain I think I can blame all of this on my mom.


Since I was just a little girl my Mom would take me with her to paint ceramics. I loved to paint things like Christmas ornaments, and ceramic horses. She also worked with me on my first knitting and crochet projects, usually scarves or hats. To this day we still share stories and techniques. Sometimes we spend time in town shopping sales on yarn, I love it! I owe my Mom so much for sharing this gift with me.


"Thank you Mom for giving me this gift".  


Autumn Mcmeekin